tugas bahasa inggris bisnis 2

5 Apr

NAME             :   WINDA HANDAYANI

CLASS             :   4 EA 17

NPM                :   10209998



v  The Formula of Present Continous Tense





S + be (am/is/are) + V1 ing / Pres.participle

S + be (am/is/are) + Not + V1 ing / Pres.participle


be (am/is/are) + S  + V1 ing / Pres.participle


  • Present Tense
  1. Pipit eat a big cake. (+)

Pipit doesn’t eat a big cake. (-)

Does pipit eat big cake ? (?)

  1. He write a letter. (+)

He does not write a letter. (-)

Does he write a letter? (?)

  1. I like strawberry. (+)

I dont like strawberry. (-)

Do you like strawberry? (?)

  1. Deahary finish his home work. (+)

Deahary does not finish his home work. (-)

Does deahary finish his home work? (?)

  1. He kick the ball. (+)

He doesn’t kick the ball. (-)

Does he kick the ball? (?)

  1. I work my job. (+)

I do not work my job. (-)

Do you work your job? (?)

  1. I cook fried rice. (+)

I don’t cook fried rice. (-)

Do you cook fried rice? (?)

  1. Yosep  steal money. (+)

Yosep  doesn’t steal money. (-)

Does yosep steal money? (?)


  1. I sit on the cair. (+)

I dont sit on the cair. (-)

Do you sit on the cair? (?)


  1. Novi open the door. (+)

novi doesn’t open the door. (-)

Does novi open the door? (?)


  • Past tenses
  1. Rudi and luki went to denpasar.(+)

Rudi and luki didnt go to denpasar.(-)

Did rudi and luki go to denpasar? (?)

  1. He went to the movi alone.(+)

He didnt go to the movi alone.(-)

Did he went to the movie alone? (?)

  1. I lived in paris (+)

I didnt lie last in paris (-)

Did you live in paris? (?)

  1. You spoke english.(+)

You didnt speak english(-)

Did you speak english? (?)

  1. I drunk coffee last night (+)

I didnt drink coffee last night(-)

Did you drink coffee last night? (?)

  1. I sleep last night (+)

I didnt sleep last night (-)

Did you sleep last night ? (?)

  1. Mr.kun were here (+)

Mr.kun didnt here (-)

Did mr.kun here? (?)

  1. I arrived in bandung on Tuesday (+)

I didnt arrive in bandung on Tuesday (-)

Did you arrive in bandung on Tuesday? (?)

  1. Wulan wrote a letter (+)

Wulan didnt write a letter (-)

Did wulan write a letter?(?)

  1. They went to bali last year (+)

They didnt go to bali last year (-)

Did they go to bali last year? (?)


  • Past continous tense


  1. She was sleeping (+)

She wasnt sleeping (-)

Was she sleeping? (?)

  1. The workers were queving (+)

The workers werent queving (-)

Were the workers queving? (?)

  1. The team was running (+)

The team wasnt running (-)

Was the team running?(?)

  1. We were studying when you came (+)

We werent studying when you came(-)

Were we studying when you come? (?)

  1. Devy was sleeping on the couch (+)

Devy wasnt sleeping on the couch (-)

Was devy sleeping on the couch? (?)

  1. The girl was dancing (+)

The girl wasnt dancing (-)

Was the girl dancing? (?)

  1. I was talking with norah when the telephone rang (+)

I wasnt talking with norah when the telephone ring (-)

Was you talking with norah when the telephone ring? (?)

  1. The dog was barking (+)

The dog wasnt barking (-)

Was the dog barking?(?)

  1. Zaki was sleepping all day yesterday (+)

Zaki wasnt sleeping all day yesterday (-)

Was zaki sleeping all day yesterday?(?)

  1. I was walking down the street when it began to rain (+)

I wasnt raining when  i went to the market last night (-)

Was it rain when you walk down to the market? (?)

  • Present Perfect Tense
  1. The rain has stopped. (+)

The rain hasn’t stopped. (-)

Has the rain stopped? (?)

  1. I have finished my work . (+)

I havent finished my home work. (-)

Have you finished your home work (?)

  1. She have seen that movie. (+)

She havent seen that movie. (-)

Have she seen that movie? (?)

  1. I have been to Ancol before. (+)

I haven’t been to Ancol before. (-)

Have you been to Ancol? (?)

  1. I have read a newspapper. (+)

I havent read a newspapper. (-)

Have you read newspapper? (?)

  1. He has met your mother. (+)

He hasnt met your mother. (-)

Has he meet your mother? (?)

  1. They have arrived.(+)

They haven’t arrived. (-)

Have they arrived? (?)

  1. They have been busy for one day. (+)

They havent been busy for one day. (-)

Have they been busy for one day? (?)

  1. I have watched that movie 3 times. (+)

I havent watched that movie 3 times. (-)

Have you watched that movie 3 times? (?)

  1. Desi has been sick for two days. (+)

Desi hasnt been sick for two days.(-)

Has desi been sick for two days? (?)


  • Present Perfect Continous Tense
  1. They have been training English for two years. (+)

They haven’t been traning English for two years? (-)

Have they been training English for two years? (?)

  1. We have been working BRI since 2011. (+)

We havent been working at BRI since 2011 (-)

Have we been working at BRI since 2011? (?)

  1. I have been writing for 4 hours. (+)

I haven’t been writing for 4 hours. (-)

Have you been writing for 4 hours? (?)

  1. Reyner has been teaching for 3 months.(+).

Reyner hasnt been teaching for 3 months. (-)

Has reyner been teaching for 3 months? (?)

  1. He has been playing since march. (+)

He hasnt been playing since march. (-)

Has he been playing since march? (?)

  1. I have been living in batam for 8 years. (+)

I haven’t been living in batam for 8 years.(-)

Have you been living in batam for 8 years? (?)

  1. I have been waiting here since eight o’clock. (+)

I haventt been waiting here since eight o’clock. (-)

Have you been waiting here since eight o’clock? (?)

  1. I have been being an animator since i was 18 years old. (+)

I haven’t been being an animator since i was 18 years old.(-)

Have you been an animator since you was 18 years old? (?)

  1. Susi has been eating for 2 times.(+)

Susi havent been eating for 2 times. (-)

Have susi been eating for 2 times? (?)




  1. She has been collecting stamp since she was 5 years old. (+)

She hasnt been collecting stamp since she was5 years old (-)

Has she been collecting stamp since she was 5 years old (?)


  • Future Tense
  1. They will go home soon. (+)

They will not go home soon. (-)

Will they go home soon? (?)

  1. I’m going to leave for bali.(+)

I’m not going to leave for bali. (-)

  1. I’m leaving tommorow. (+)

I’m not leaving tommorow. (-)

  1. She will be here tommorow. (+)

She will not be here tommorow. (-)

Will she be here tommorow?(?)

  1. They will visit tokyo. (+)

They will not visit tokyo.(-)

will they visit tokyo? (?)

  1. We are having party next week. (+)

We are not having a party next week. (-)

Are we having a pty next week? (?)

  1. Indah  will eat. (+)

Indah will not eat. (-)

Will indah eat? (?)

  1. My mother will buy a new car the day after tommorow. (+)

My mother will not buy a new car the day after tommorow. (-)

Will my mother buy a new car the day after tommorow? (?)

  1. I shall visit you tommorow. (+)

I shall not visit you tommorow. (-)

Shall i visit you tommorow? (?)

  1. We shall go to bandung tommorow. (+)

 We shall not go to bandung tommorow. (-)

Shall we go to bandung tommorow? (?)


  • Past Perfect Tense
  1. I had written a novel. (+)

I had not written a novel. (-)

Had your written a novel? (?)

  1. They have arrived. (+)

They had not arrived. (-)

Had they arrived? (?)

  1. You had stopped before I did. (+)

You had not stopped before I did.

Had you stopped before I did? (?)

  1. I had finished my work. (+)

I hadnt finished my work. (-)

Had you finished your work? (?)

  1. He had called the doctor before i came. (+)

He hadnt called the doctor before i came. (-)

Had he called the doctor before i came. (?)

  1. I had told him my name after he asked me twice. (+)

I had not told him my name after he asked me twice. (-)

Had you told him your name after he asked you twice? (?)

  1. I had gone when she arrived at my office. (+)

I had not gone when she arrived at my office. (-)

Had you gone when she arrived at your office? (?)

  1. You had left the aorport before i arrived. (+)

You had not left the airport before i arrived. (-)

Had you left the airport before i arrived? (?)

  1. I had brought four books. (+)

I had not brought four books. (-)

Had you brought four books? (?)

  1. fitri had studied hard. (+)

fitrihad not studied hard. (-)

Had fitri studied hard. (?)


  • Neither .. Nor
  1. Neither the workers nor Alex are working now.
  2. Yesterday, I neither work nor study.
  3. Rina is neither smart or stupid.
  4. Neither my mother nor my house maid sweep the floor.
  5. The research is neither interesting nor accurate.
  6. I have neither blackberry nor Iphone.
  7. Neither Lily nor July live in Jakarta.
  8. Neither my sister nor my brother is in london.
  9. Neither my mom nor my dad buy me a new car
  10. Neither me nor my friend care about our future


  • Either .. Or
  1. Either novi or susi has seen transformer movie.
  2. Either cat or dog are sleeping
  3. Either zaki or zakis friends are going to visit me today
  4. Either my dad or my mom buy me a new cycle.
  5. Either sisy or her friends ar.e senior high school students
  6. I will either play games or swimming tomorrow.
  7. Either my dad or my brother help me with this home work.
  8. Either the boys and the girls are singing.
  9. Either my mother or my sister were here.
  10. I’ll take either math or english next quarter.


  • Both .. Of
  1. Both of my mother and aunty going to the market.
  2. Both of andi and teddy playing foot ball.
  3. Rudi is sleeping tedi is sleeping both of them are sleeping.
  4. Both of siwon and khuyun are handsome.
  5. Both of yoona and sooyoung are member of girl generation club.
  6. She is shooping, the woman is shooping, both of them are shooping.
  7. Vina is hungry george is hungry so both of them are hungry.
  8. Both mr kim and mr choi are playing golf.
  9. Both of my uncle and my father are going to denpasar last night.
  10. Eni loves cat,ari loves cat too,so both of  they are cat lover


  • KalimatArtikel ‘A’
  1. My bedroom has a new television.
  2. She has a new car.
  3. Look she found a new diamond!
  4. He took a picture.
  5. He maked a cake yesterday.


  • KalimatArtikel ‘An”
  1. Indah  eat an Apple
  2. Rainy outside so Rina grab an umbrella
  3. Indah  use an uniform.
  4. My housemaid buy an eggs
  5. Look, an owl is standing outside my room!


  • KalimatArtikel ‘The”
  1. The dog was barking.
  2. Has the rain stopped?.
  3. The team wasnt running
  4. The girls was dancing.
  5. He put the book from this table.






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